Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AND... GO!

What started off as a jokey joke on Twitter, has grown (in my head) as a pretty interesting idea.

On the eve of my 30th, I've returned to my home state. Several people have remarked to me "Oh! You've come home! How nice!" and I grimace and say, "Welllllll.. It's a lot more complex than that."

Let me fill out some Massachusetts and Maura history for you.
1788 - Commonwealth of Massachusetts was founded
1981 - Maura is born!
1999- matriculate at Wheaton College
2003- graduate from Wheaton College
2004- enroll at Simmons College for library school
2006- graduate from Simmons and move to Stamford, CT
2008- move to NYC, meet my now husband
2011- pack up a uhaul and ship up to Boston

My dad loved New York City- loved the energy, the buildings, the street food, the sights. He often took me there to visit as a little girl and I fell in the love the the place. I knew I always wanted to live there. Sure, most of my impressions were from Madonna movies in the 80s, but I knew in my heart I belonged there.
So, I made it happen. Great 3 years- especially meeting Bryan and experiencing an unexpected life change.

But life does change, and so do jobs, which is why we are back here. I'm not sure where I'd want to live outside of NYC, but Boston seems as good as any other place.

This space will be about transition, identity and minutiae. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a farmer's market at the end of my block.

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