Tuesday, February 14, 2012

are you in your 30s?

I took Friday off, a much needed break from work and headed up to Vermont for a little ladies weekend. The running joke of the weekend was shit 30 year olds say, which included some conversations about marriage, name changes, how to manage money, household labor, as well as food sourcing, buying Lands End dresses at Sears and how to make your hair voluminous. We did a wine tasting and bought eggs and meat at a local self serve farmstand. And butter, lots of sweet Vermont butter slathered on NYC bagels.

I thought about it compared to weekends spent together in our 20s, marathons of SATC, devouring gossip magazines, sunbathing. At one point, someone brought up a thing someone had posted about getting your body back after having a baby. Before it could get discussed, it was, let's put that away! It's not a healthy conversation, the person who posted that has serious body image issues! We're a fit group, of baby making age- but knowing how a post like that can create divisions and heightened insecurities- it just had no place, and we were at a point to recognize that.

So Vermont, you were lovely. Just the small bit of wide open spaces we needed to reconnect.

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  1. Okay, so this has nothing to do with this post, but I couldn't find a different way to contact you. I saw your wedding on APW, and I was all, "Heeey, I recognize the park..." and, lo and behold, it was Look Park, near my hometown! I get my hair cut at Firefly Salon! So then I did a little creeping, and I ended up here, where I found out you're a librarian. My finance (the reason I read APW) is a librarian, too! Will wonders never cease? I had to comment, because sometimes it's hard to remember that it really is a small world.