Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 Running Recap

One of the fab things about the Garmin systems is the ability to set goals and watch your progress. I’ve wanted to hit 1000 miles in a year for awhile now, but haven’t quite gotten there. So, 2012 the year is happens. It’s about 83.3 miles a month or 2.7 a day. Less than a 5k, under a half hour. Doable.

So, I set up the yearly goal and would make a monthly goal as well. For Jan through March the plan was to hit at least 80, given the weather issue in Boston.
January saw only 43 miles in ten workouts, just over half of the goal of 85. Let’s call it the sickness that would not die, but miraculously, once I started running again, I felt great! Sore throat gone! All the cheese and wine I drank from Christmas to New Years melted away. Had I started off Jan 1 with a run out the door, I may have hit the goal. Not to fret, according to Garmin, I’m ahead of schedule? How this math works, I’m not sure. Does she know I’ll get more mileage as the weather warms and I start training for more half marathons? And compared to the measly two runs and 9.45 miles I clocked last January, I have no excuse. Remember last January? Holy snow storms. This year, at least 4 runs in a running skirt.

So, here we go, a new month, a new set of running goals. I'm challenging myself to reach 80 this month and to find an April half marathon to run.

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  1. My Jan/Feb are always slow, and I definitely catch up/make up with 100+ months in the summer during marathon training! I think I ran about 50 miles this month (compared to about 63 i Jan 2011...oops!) Good luck with February :)