Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NYCM countdown and goals.

It's hard to believe that NYCM is just only 6 days away.

I love the supportive running community, and two of my favorite fast ladies Susan and Claire recently completed marathons. There recaps are funny, and informative. They've run over 20 marathons between the two of them, and I always learn something when reading their reports. Abbe just finished Chicago, her first! After reading Abbe's, I started to feel the panic, the race nerves that this matters, that this is something I've been working towards.

This is marathon #2 for me, which itself is pretty amazing. Years ago, I never imagined saying I ran a marathon, no less two. There's talk about how women get better at marathons as they get older, and I think this is true to some degree. I've been running more this past year and have the experience underneath my belt. I know what workouts are best for me, and what my weaknesses are.

Anyhow, I'm fascinated about where we end up in our lives, and by what we challenge ourselves to do. I spoke a bit on DailyMile about how I was done with Marathon training, how much it stunk and I hated it. Well, not so much. I've come to find it's place in my life. The lure of the long solo run, the tempo run, memorizing foot steps and breath patterns. It's all learning, observing, and the desire to keep pushing forward. I'm about to do my last workout with FHR tonight before the big day.

so, the goals.
1. Don't die.
2. Cross the finish line.

3. Sub 4. Well, it's always there.
4. Sub 4:05, 4:10, and so on. Just best my time of 4:27:48. My goal pace is 9:20, which should put me at 4:05, which is great.
5. See Bryan and get high fives.
6. Enjoy myself and be in the moment.

I ran my garmin numbers and I'm pretty much at the some point in terms of workouts and miles done as last year. I was hoping for more, but I missed three ten milers due to rain and a hilly VT weekend away, a few weeks in the beginning of the training due to a suspected stress fracture. And I enjoyed those extra glasses of wine, let me tell you.

My body is craving sleep and rest right now, which I can only understand as she is preparing herself for Sunday. I listen to her, and tuck in early, linger in the morning.

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