Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Wednesday: the in-laws arrived, quickest commute home ever, manhattans with allspice dram, 2 and a half gallons of water in the largest ziplock bag, and our turkey, who remained nameless.

Thursday: The day went so fast, all structured into half hour segments, time lines and over temperatures. It all went so smoothly, a beautiful brown bird and a quick toast, a thank you that Boston brought up jobs, and a home to host our family, and for all that we've been given. And a special post dinner T ride with my niece.

Friday: We went bowling, I placed last and second to last. We ate mexican food and I slept in the car on the way home. I took a friend out for drinks that night.

Sunday: I awoke with a cold, and spent the day reading magazines. We vacation planned, dreaming of warmer temperatures and beached in January.

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