Tuesday, November 1, 2011

nyc marathon, a return to the street.

in a week, i’ll be back at my desk, following up on weekend programming, prepping for two evening programs and general getting ready for the week.

but i’ll be different. i’ll have completed my second marathon. i might be sans a toenail or two, and i’ll be very sore.

no matter how the race goes, i will be satisfied that i’ve completed something huge and challenging. it’s no small feat to get to the start line on staten island, and i’ve put in the hours on my feet and the streets of boston, my new home.

it’s a different experience, with a years worth of running experience under my feet, but also not training in the city. i’ve missed seeing the signs go up, everyday experiencing the ads in the subway, running the last ten miles, and racing on the regular followed by brunches. it’s been a solo marathon effort for me, bryan sidelined with his hip injury.

but that’s not entirely true- i’ve been running with Forest Hill Runners, with speed and hill workouts on the regular. i’ve met another librarian who has run and we’ve clocked in some miles together. in some ways, it’s been about the balance. of running, eating right, stretching, core and some weeks sleeping in, having an extra glass of wine, and not getting up at six to run.

mostly, i’m amazed i’m doing this again. running one marathon was one of the biggest things i’ve ever done, and signing up to do it again, well, crazy. and rewarding. but, you can do it. anything. just set the goal, tell people, make a plan, stick to it mostly, and you’ll most likely find yourself having completed that goal. maybe, and if not, you can try again, or not. but getting outside of that comfort zone, pushing yourself, trying something new, hard, scary and big is the adventure, the joy.

so new york, i’m coming back to my adopted hometown on friday. and looking forward to being welcomed with arms throughout the greatest city in the world.

and because we all need a montage song, jay z and alicia keys say it best:

in new york, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do, now you're in new York, these streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you.

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